eCommerce Logistics


To support your O2O businesses, EURUS offers total solutions to meet your logistics needs. Our fulfilment solutions cover eCommerce order fulfilment, cross-border distribution to last-mile delivery with complete visibility.


Order Fulfillment

EURUS provides a diverse range of customized order fulfillment services focused on efficiency and clients’ ultimate delivery satisfaction.


EURUS offers comprehensive multi-country consolidation services with optimal cost benefits. These include merging diverse cargoes to allow containers to be fully utilized at a lower cost and reducing transit time.


EURUS understands eCommerce parcel are usually time-sensitive, so we work to our best to provide efficient sortation services to our clients.

Last-Mile Delivery

EURUS works with local partners to ensure your parcels arriving at doorstep on time.

Reverse Logistics

EURUS reverses logistics solution gives you a hassle-free and efficient return arrangement.